G2.Kinguin invited to compete in $1.2 million ELEAGUE

We are proud to announce that our Counter-Strike team has been invited to participate in the first season of ELEAGUE, a $1.2 million tournament hosted by Turner and WME | IMG. Read on to find out who we will be up against in this exciting competition, kicking off on May 24th!

We are thrilled to announce that our Counter-Strike team has received an invite to compete in the debut season of ELEAGUE, a $1.2 million tournament hosted by Turner Broadcasting in association with talent agency WME | IMG. Twenty-four teams from all over the world will be playing in ELEAGUE, which will take esports to television as the tournament will be broadcast on TBS.

ELEAGUE’s inaugural season will kick off on May 24th with the first round of the regular season, spanning a 10-week period. All matches will be played in Atlanta and will be broadcast across digital platforms and on TBS. 

“ELEAGUE is a fantastic project and we are looking forward to taking part in it in a few weeks,” Jérôme “NiaK” Sudries, team manager for our Counter-Strike team, said. “Playing all the games offline, in a TV show, is a considerable step forward for CS:GO. This competition represents a major objective for us and we will give our best to perform in Atlanta.”

Below you can find our infographic with the 24 competing teams in ELEAGUE:


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