G2 Esports League of Legends EU LCS Line-up for 2018

With the crazy off-season still underway in League of Legends, we’re happy to announce that we have come out victorious with a strong new lineup for the coming season and beyond.

Is EU boom? That was one of the main questions making rounds on the League of Legends subreddit and social media as we dove into the 2017 off-season knowing that the new North American franchise system will be a tough opponent to battle.

We are happy to share the news that we have assembled our 2018 line-up and can’t wait to see them slicing through their adversaries on the Rift. We believe in their strength and ambition to succeed on the international stage – where all our dreams take place.

In the next EU LCS season – pending Riot Games approval – G2 Esports will be represented by our long-standing and legendary mid laner and Faker-slayer Luka ‘Perkz’ Perkovic, jungler and European First Blood King Marcin ‘Jankos’ Jankowski, the G2-kingslayer bot lane AD carry Petter ‘Hjarnan’ Freyschuss and support Bae-in ‘Wadid’ Kim and top laner Martin ‘Wunder’ Hansen, who you can start calling ‘The Toplane Viking’.

We’ve asked our CEO Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez and all the players to give their thoughts on the new roster and the future of G2 Esports in League of Legends.

CEO Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez:

“G2 Esports has won a total of 44 golden trophies in just three years of life, and across seventeen different titles. The vast majority of those trophies have been secured with completely different lineups.

Our first EU LCS title was won with Kikis playing as top laner for the first time in his competitive career, a talented, yet completely unknown South Korean player whose nickname was Trick, a midlaner who people barely knew from Challenger Series and solo queue and that ended up becoming a living legend, Perkz. Emperor, a player who had very mild success across multiple regions, and Hybrid, another mechanically skilled player, also known from Challenger Series and Solo queue. The team changed completely – yet we ended up winning three consecutive titles more.

The same way we’ve succeeded with very different lineups in every other G2 Esports team to date, we will do now. The players consider G2 Esports to be a perfect environment to develop their competitive and branding careers due to the immense levels of ambition within our club. We are going to ensure that this lineup lifts trophies with us. 2017 was the last year Wunder, Hjarnan and Wadid had to introduce themselves.
– In 2018 everyone will know who they are, AVE G2!”


“I’ve been very lucky and grateful for the success I’ve had past 2 years. Even before Worlds I knew that it might be our last event, I was prepared to start a new journey, our so close failure got me destroyed. Not gonna lie, I cried when Zven and mithy told me they were leaving. I was crushed because I expected so much more from us. But now I’m ready, more than ever. I’m ready to start a new adventure with my new teammates. I personally chose them, spoke to them, made sure they have same ambitions as I do. I know the recipe to success, I’m so fucking excited to start working with my new team and progress into the state we progressed throughout last year in and outside of the game. Thank you all for supporting me and G2 throughout last 2 and a half years. Please give warm welcome to my new teammates.”


“I’ve always wanted to win split in EU LCS but never managed to do so, now with Perkz under my command, I will destroy everyone!”


“I joined G2 Esports because in Europe you’re either first or you don’t really matter. And G2 are unbeatable in being 1st. I also wanted to keep playing together with Wadid. We were the only ones who stood our ground against the strongest teams, G2 including. With our skill, coordination and teammates who deliver first blood and rule their lanes, we’re a force to be reckoned with.”


“I began my pro career with ROCCAT but now I’m prepared and motivated for a new challenge. I’m really happy to join G2 Esports and become a part of it’s army. Last year I proved that I’m not just a ‘Random Korean’ and this year, I have a new bigger quest – to show that I belong at the very top. Can’t wait for the EU LCS! See you there!”


“Joining G2 wasn’t a very tough choice for me. I’ve been in Splyce my entire LCS career now and even though we achieved some results I believe I can reach greater heights in G2. I like the direction G2 took with the roster all of us are very strong individually and fit together in terms of team play too. I’m going to miss my former teammates but I can’t wait to start a new chapter in my career that I hope you’ll follow!”

About our 2018 Line-up

Time and time again Perkz has proved EU mid lane to be his kingdom. At MSI he silenced the critics who were previously unsure about his international performance. Perkz has been with G2 from the very beginning of our LCS run and now has four European Champion titles for every split played. We definitely consider him our lucky charm and love his sense of humour. If you haven’t heard how well his fingers dance on the guitar strings, head to his socials right now: Twitter, Facebook.

No other player compliments and burns Perkz better on the analyst desk than Marcin ‘Jankos’ Jankowski, the master of Polish English and banter connoisseur. With his first blood rate and smart jungle tactics we are pretty sure that with Jankos G2 Esports will be the one who laughs. And the one who laughs longest.

With the departure of Zven and mithy our new bot lane has big shoes to fill in but we believe in their power. Wadid and Hjarnan have proved to be a tough nut to crack in 2017. From Random Korean with outstanding taste for hair fashion, Wadid has become one of the supports greatly valued for his intelligence and game knowledge – as well as his melting charisma. With Hjarnan’s consistency and thirst for victories they have a huge potential to dominate any opponent in Europe and beyond.

Last but not least, is our top lane viking Martin ‘Wunder’ Hansen. We believe that with his lively attitude and great in-game skill he will soon become one of the most beloved and most consistent European top laners. His aggression and good read of the game combined with the experience he gained while in the ranks of Splyce brought him to the next level. We are sure that with Jankos as jungler and an extremely resilient bot lane, we won’t have any difficulties winning the day inside or outside the game.

We will be back with more updates regarding our support staff in the near future!

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