Watch NBK vs apEX in Boomeo Duels Bo1000 Showmatch

We like it loud, explosive and exciting – that’s how the new Boomeo Duels streaming event between NBK and apEX is going to be! Don’t miss on April 24!

Together with our partners at Boomeo we are excited to bring to #G2ARMY a massive portion of entertainment with our CS:GO players Dan ‘apEX’ Madesclaire and Nathan ‘NBK’ Schmitt on Monday, April 24, at 20 CEST.

apEX and NBK will face each other in the Bo1000 format, where they will be trying to outplay each other and score the most impressive kills. Of course, there is a nice cherry on top of the cake for them – the winner of this showmatch takes $1000. One of the most seasoned CS:GO experts Duncan ‘Thorin’ Shields is joining the event as its live commentator. He will make sure that the Boomeo Duels spectators do not miss any of the thrilling and dramatic moments.

About Boomeo Duels

Duels is a training mode where the players face each other in 1v1 situations on the Boomeo server. Every time the player gets killed, he spawns in a different position on a map. Bo1000 means that apEX and NBK will be playing up until the point when one of them gets 501 kills. The one who gets to this number first will take the prize!

Make sure to tune in on April 24 at 20 CEST at!

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