G2 Esports Paladins welcomes Bryce ‘Vex30’ Kelly

With the start of the PPL Summer Split just around the corner, we’ve made changes to our roster, replacing Andrew ‘Wardoom’ Cole with Bryce ‘Vex30’ Kelly.

Since our introduction in Paladins, our core roster has been unaltered and dominated the NA Paladins Premier League with an impressive undefeated run in the regular Spring season. Our following lackluster performances at the Paladins Playoffs and Paladins Masters in Atlanta shook us up and we realized that we need to step up big time to catch up to the likes of Fnatic. With that being said, the first change to our roster will be the replacement of Andrew ‘WarDoom‘ Cole with Bryce ‘Vex30’ Kelly.

“Even with our success in the North American PPL scene, we felt that we weren’t on-par with the International scene. Our assumptions were only reassured at the LAN event in Atlanta, when we were outmatched by Fnatic and SpaceStation Gaming. We unanimously concluded that Wardoom’s play-style didn’t match the team’s and came to a consensus of Wardoom stepping down,” – says the G2 Paladins team captain Jake ‘Kusqt’ Jenkins.

Those who follow the Paladins Premier League will be familiar with Vex30 from his time playing with SK Gaming. 19-Year old Bryce has been playing Paladins for almost two years now and also was a part of our core roster that won DreamHack Valencia prior to the Paladins Premier League launch. The young prodigy had many optimistic words to say about the new line-up and the start of the PPL Summer Split:

I am super excited to be back on the team after almost 9 months. Glad to practice and compete together with this team and excited for what is awaiting us this season. I expect big things coming out of this roster, and we hope to prove it the upcoming weeks!”

Our first match in the PPL will be on June 1st 9pm CEST/3pm ET against Renegades. Don’t miss the premiere of our new lineup!

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