G2 partners with Vodafone

G2 Esports is pleased to announce a historical partnership with telecommunications group Vodafone. As part of this deal, we will be supporting a Spanish League of Legends team, which will be representing our club in the biggest national tournaments.

G2 Esports is pleased to announce a partnership with Vodafone, one of the leading telecommunications groups in the world. As part of this landmark partnership, which symbolises Vodafone’s first foray into esports, G2 will be supporting a Spanish League of Legends squad, who will play under the name “G2.Vodafone”.

Joining our ranks will be Rosendo “Sendo” Fuentes, Kevin “Inkos” Alpire, Ismael “Miniduke” Martinez, Guillermo “Sou” Velasco and Jesús “Falco” Perez, five incredibly talented and motivated young players. They will be flying G2’s colours high in future tournaments, starting with LVP’s Honor Division – the highest tier in Spanish League of Legends. Later this week, the team will attend ESL Expo Barcelona, where it will compete for the national championship and the lion’s share of an €80,000 prize pool.


From left to right: Falco, Sendo, Miniduke, Inkos and Sou

G2 Esports’ CEO, Carlos “ocelote” Rodríguez Santiago, gave the following statement about the partnership with Vodafone: “G2.Vodafone is an opportunity to stay connected to a world that I am passionate about. You can expect a team that is very excited and eager to make history. The nature of competition is in connecting and communicating with other people. As such, I am excited to begin this adventure with Vodafone.

Cristina Barbosa, Brand Director at Vodafone Spain, provided her thoughts on the company’s historical partnership with G2 Esports: “Betting on esports is in line not just with what we believe that will be the future of entertainment and also of sports, but also because they thrive in an environment – that of high-speed broadband – that is our natural living space and where Vodafone can bring value to these new scenarios of entertainment and consumption.

If you want to follow all the latest news about our Spanish League of Legends team and about Vodafone’s expansion into esports, follow @G2Vodafone and @eSportsVodafone on Twitter.

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