G2 Joins the PUBG Europe League with all New Line-Up

G2 Esports redeploys into PUBG with a new roster full of local German talent that aims to take the PUBG Europe League by storm.

G2 is excited to announce to the #G2ARMY that we will be joining the upcoming €1,000,000 PUBG Europe League ran by StarLadder. The league will consist of three phases throughout the year challenging Pro and Contender league teams together to battle it out for those chicken dinners.

We’ve scooped up a great roster, that was recently released from PENTA Sports, who are very hungry for victory in the 2019 PEL. The starting lineup is: Allrounders – Alexander ‘Caint’ Syukrin, Christian ‘Itzz_ChrizZ’ Blank, Magnus ‘udyRR’ Hartmann, and IGL Rene ‘Braexco’ Rehling. These four Germans will proudly represent G2 Esports following their strong 2nd place performance at the PEL 2019 Qualifier in December.

Alexander ‘Caint’ Syukrin had this to say about the move to G2 Esports,

“As a big fan of the CS:GO and LoL Teams it is a big honor for me to represent such an organization as G2 Esports. Our goal is to reach our potential on every single playday, to stay on the top of the leaderboards, and successfully qualify to Global Events. I’m super excited and looking forward with this lineup to proof ourselves to be the best team in the world.”

G2 Esports CEO Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez said about this new PUBG lineup,

“The moment we identified the opportunity to build the strongest PUBG team in the world, we jumped on it. They are our first fully German line-up which is amazing and a great representation of the local talent available here. They’re set for success and will take the trophy home. The #G2ARMY will be proud.”

The PEL begins play soon, so please cheer our guys on and also give them a follow on social media.

Alexander ‘Caint’ Syukrin – Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, YouTube

Christian ‘Itzz_ChrizZ’ Blank – Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, YouTube

Magnus ‘udyRR’ Hartmann – Twitter, Instagram, Twitch

Rene ‘Braexco’ Rehling – Twitter, Instagram, Twitch

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