The world’s best Rainbow Six Siege Team joins G2 Esports!

In one of the biggest Rainbow Six community roster moves to date – G2 Esports acquires PENTA Sports’  title-winning Rainbow Six Siege team just ahead of the 6 Major in Paris.

We are thrilled to announce that we have signed the massively talented players from PENTA Sports’ Rainbow Six Siege roster as the newest members of G2 Esports! The lineup is currently top of the leaderboard for the R6 Pro League EU division and favorites going into the first ever Six Major Paris. The team have been outstanding representatives for PENTA Sports as players and ambassadors and it gives us great pleasure to welcome them to the G2 family.

We’d like to say our heartfelt thank you to PENTA Sports management for a smooth and speedy transfer and wish them all the best in their future endeavours! We can assure you that your hard work in developing and supporting this fantastic line-up will not have been in vain!

Here are the players and support staff that will be donning the G2 jersey to represent us in R6 competitive play and entertaining the #G2Army on their Twitch streams.

  • Fabian ‘Fabian’ Hällsten joins us as the IGL. The entertaining and outspoken Swede brings strong leadership to the team and is undoubtedly a fine fit for G2.
  • Daniel ‘Goga’ Mazorra Romero, the Spanish player brings his explosive supportive play to the lineup; whether he is playing thermite or not.
  • Joonas ‘jNSzki’ Savolainen is still looking forward to crushing opponents with his Bandit play. The Fin has an impressive pedigree dating all the way back to GiFu at the inception of Pro League.
  • Juhani ‘Kantoraketti’ Toivonen is the other Fin on the team and newest member of the roster. He is also in the top 3 players for the current season of Pro League play.
  • Niclas ‘Pengu’ Mouritzen was one of the first members of the lineup. The Dane has competed professionally since the Pro League Season 1 in 2016.
  • Thomas ‘ShasOUdas’ Lee from United Kingdom will be taking care of team practice and performance as the Team Manager and Coach. He is undoubtedly the most experienced coach in the scene as he’s been coaching the top teams since Y1S2 Championship where he worked with FENIX.
  • Daniel ‘Ferral’ Rotheram, who knows the ins and outs of the game and can back it up with data will be continuing in his role of Team Analyst.

Thomas ‘ShasOUdas’ Lee, had this to say about PENTA Sports roster move to G2 Esports:

First of all, on behalf of the team and coaching staff, I’d like to thank PENTA for a long and extremely successful road together. They have been a fantastic organisation to work with and their assistance and speed in enabling this transfer was incredible. This would have been impossible to do without their understanding and input and we are incredibly grateful. Thank you to everyone involved – now, we are looking forward to making history with G2 Esports. We hope you watch our games in Paris next week and cheer for us!

G2 Esports CEO Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez says about the new team:

We couldn’t be happier to welcome the world’s best Rainbow Six Siege team to our ranks. It’s an incredible addition to the existing lineup of nine professional teams that play under the G2 Esports banner, and in line with our commitment to continue carrying and supporting the most ambitious and hardworking players across the world’s top games. G2 and myself are proud to be part of the journey these players are on during their professional career and are looking forward to many years of successes for the team! I also want to thank PENTA Sports for their professionalism and cooperation to make it all happen!

With their history of exciting high level play, we’re sure that the G2Army will welcome these members and support them in the growing R6 competitive scene.

Don’t miss their G2 debut at the first ever Six Major Paris 2018 starting this Monday, August 13th!

You can also follow each of the players through the links below:

Fabian Twitter, Twitch

Goga Twitter, Twitch

jNSzki Twitter, Twitch

Kantoraketti Twitter, Twitch

Pengu Twitter, Twitch

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