Finishing second in Kiev Rdu continues his hot streak

Our Hearthstone player Dima ‘Rdu’ Radu took the second place at the StarLadder i-League: StarSeries Season 3 in Kiev, Ukraine, last weekend and took home a hefty $ 6000 prize.

A shaky start followed by a commanding performance by G2’s Hearthstone player Dima ‘Rdu’ Radu at the StarLadder Starseries Season 3 earned him a hefty $6000 dollar prize, losing out only to the North American star, Paul ‘Nemeth’ Zalae in the Grand Finals. With the Spring Hearthstone Championship Tour around the corner, Rdu continues his hot streak and dominance in the Hearthstone Scene.

Difficult start

The first day of the LAN group stages didn’t start as planned for Rdu. Deemed a favorable matchup against Chinese player and caster Wu ‘Snowkiss’ Xueyan, Rdu fell a bit short losing 4-3, and dropping to the bottom bracket.

However, that didn’t discourage Rdu one bit as he raced through the bracket, defeating Fu ‘Fuoliver’ Liang 4-0. The rematch against Snowkiss went smoothly, allowing Rdu to close out the series 4-1 and qualifying for the playoff stage. It was an uphill battle from here as every other player who advanced had favorable decks against Rdu’s.

“Based on the deck line ups, I would’ve voted against myself as well. But they alone don’t determine the outcome of matches. Entering each match I didn’t feel at a disadvantage. I was confident in my own play and could maneuver unfavorable match ups well. Also, after long hours of play, I was positive that I could capitalize on my opponent’s mistakes. Line ups aren’t everything,” – says Rdu looking back at the tournament.

Fighting all the way

Some might have felt a deja vu on the second day of the tournament. Dropping the first series of the day to OMpf 3-4, Rdu once again had to claw himself out of the bottom bracket. Against all odds and the voting board of pros, Rdu went on to triumph over both Neirea and OMpf 4-2, winding up in the Grand Finals against the North American star, Paul ‘Nemeth’ Zalae. With the odds heavily stacked against Rdu, he fought a worthy fight but was unable to seize the trophy, finishing second.

The road to victory isn’t over for Rdu. The new challenge awaits soon. He will compete in Seat Story Cup VII on June 22-25 and Spring Season Hearthstone Championship Tour on July 7-9. To stay updated follow Rdu on Twitter and don’t miss him practicing and streaming on Twitch.

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