Rdu’s Top 5 Un’goro Picks

To celebrate the Journey to Un’goro expansion release, G2’s Hearthstone player Dima “Rdu” Radu shares his top picks.

With Journey to Un’goro Expansion pack being released in just a few hours, we asked Dima “Rdu” Radu to list his top picks for the set.

Kalimos: The “big boss” of the elementals, Kalimos offers a wide variety of choices that are individually powerful and attached to a big 7/7 body. This card is a one card toolbox that will allow you to comeback onto the board or excel your board dominance with the selection of invocations. With a plethora of solid elementals to meet the condition, Kalimos will most likely be always active.

Blazecaller: As a 1 mana upgrade to Fire Elemental, Blazecaller will find a home in many elemental decks, especially Shaman ones. We’ve seen countless minions with a battlecry that act as removal (Pre-Nerf Big Game Hunter, Blackwing Corruptor, Stampeding Kodo, Fire Elemental etc.) being powerful. Blazecaller is not only an elemental that provides an activator for Kalimos. In addition to that, it is able to remove anything with 5 health or below off the board. There is definitely nothing to scoff at.

Tar Creeper: After the meta of “aggro” domination, this new line of Tar taunts is exceptionally effective in slowing down your opponent. Before, taunts were heavily understated in order to compensate for the taunt mechanic, which allowed aggressive decks to run them over easily. However, Tar Creepers give up the ability to effectively trade on your own turn, for more stats on your opponent’s.

Ravasaur Runt: An extremely versatile card that allows more swarm decks, such as Zoo, to benefit off board dominance. With more 1 mana cards that spawn two minions in the game now, it will be easy to activate this card going into turn 2. Any deck that is minion-centric will want to play this card, with only a cost of 2 mana, the upside to the card is phenomenal.

Jeweled Macaw: Another iteration of Babbling Book and Swash Burglar, Jeweled Macaw is the newest addition to the “1 mana, add a random card” family. This time, it comes with the hunter quest synergy. It not only assists in completing the quest but replacing itself immediately. Even without the quest, this card will find a solid home in beast themed hunter decks as a replacement for webspinner.

“Since 3 sets are rotating out, Journey to Un’Goro is not a normal expansion. Many things rely on its success. Just from looking at the cards, I can say I have high expectations of the expansion because it seems as if it will create a metagame with a lot of different deck options being viable and I can’t be more excited about it!” – says Rdu.

With the release just around the corner, Un’goro has added many fresh and unique mechanics to the game. With quests, adapt, and a graveyard-esque effect, Un’goro will shake up Hearthstone. Whether you are excited about the prehistoric dinosaurs or the combo oriented mage quest, you can catch Rdu stream live gameplay and new decks at www.twitch.tv/rdulive.

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