G2 results: December week #1

Check out our graphic with all the latest results from our teams and players. Last week, we added yet another title to our cabinet as Adrian “Lifecoach” Koy came out on top in the Celestial Championship Series!

Last week was packed with action at G2.Kinguin as we had teams and players competing in four different games. Adrian “Lifecoach” Koy and Thijs “ThijsNL” Molendijk in particular were very busy, with the German veteran winning the Celestial Championship Series in convincing fashion, while the Dutchman secured a spot in the second group stage of the StarSeries league.

Meanwhile, our CS:GO team managed to qualify for the StarSeries finals, which is quite an achievement considering they were playing without Håvard “rain” Nygaard. Finally, our Heroes of the Storm and Vainglory teams were unable to pick up a win, so it’s time to get back to the drawing board to turn this around!

Below you can find our teams’ results in full:


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