G2 results: December week #2

Check out out infographic with the results from our teams and players during the last week, which saw Dima “Rdu” Radu win the i56 Truesilver Championship in dramatic fashion!

Last week was certainly a busy one for several of our teams, but especially for our HearthStone players, who competed on multiple fronts. After some mixed results in StarSeries, ThijsNL and Lifecoach travelled to Birmingham for the i56 Truesilver Championship, where they were joined by Rdu. Our Romanian player had a difficult start to life at the event, surviving a tiebreaker to reach the playoffs. In the knockout stages, he truly excelled, beating his teammate Lifecoach, Visule – the surprise package of the tournament – and Legendaren to win the trophy and secure a $10,000 payout.

Meanwhile, our CS:GO team posted a victory and a draw in Acer Predator Masters to remain in contention for a spot at the offline finals. Finally, our Vainglory squads were unable to show their true colours in Korea and in Katowice – nothing that will affect their goal of dominating the scene in 2016! 

Below you can find our teams’ results in full:


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