G2 Rocket League team welcomes Jahzo as the new manager

We strengthen the infrastructure behind our Rocket League team with addition of Jacob ‘Jahzo’ Suda as the new manager.

After the Rocket League World Championship we decided to put more focus into developing our Rocket League team. As one of the steps we want to introduce Jacob Alexander ‘Jahzo’ Suda, who from now one will act as the manager of the team. He headed with G2 Rocket League squad to Minnesota where our trio will compete at X Games Minneapolis for a share of a $75,000 prize pool.

Here is what 20-year-old Jacob had to say about his position and joining G2 Esports:

“As an active Rocket League fan, I think G2’s Rocket League team is great. I’ve known Kronovi for a while and he’s truly a solid guy both in and out of game. Rizzo and JKnaps are seriously insane on the pitch as well. I’ve watched essentially every single game that the current G2 roster has played on stream, and let me tell you, it is a magical sight to see. Joining up with these guys is a dream come true. All three starters of G2 are awesome to be around, and have the ability to spur great interactions, anywhere, anytime. I look forward to taking responsibilities off the players’ shoulders and helping them have more time to focus on being successful in all respects. So far, working with them has not only been fun, but very productive.

Joining up with these guys is a dream come true.

Many aspects of my life have helped make my work go smoothly thus far. Having filled many positions at a restaurant, from managing small things to talking with hundreds of people a day, I find myself using many different skill sets and forms of critical thinking while helping the team be successful. To all G2 fans, whether of the Rocket League team or otherwise, watch out for G2 in the upcoming months, what happens should impress you. We are looking at a bright future ahead of us here at G2, so come along with us for the journey. This is one you DON’T want to miss.”

We wish Jahzo and the team the best of luck in Minnesota and are extremely excited for the games. Our first opponent will be Gale Force eSports, who we’ll be facing on July 14th, Friday at 13.30 CT/ 20.30 CEST. Let’s go #G2ARMY!

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