Enter the Samurai Arena!

Relive the G2 Esports journey in our brand new browser game, Samurai Arena! Defeat waves of enemies as you raise the G2 Army and become the G2 Samurai

From failing EU LCS qualifications 3 times to becoming 4 time back-to-back European champions and attending Worlds for the third consecutive time – the G2 Esports story is one of perseverance and triumph. Now, you too can experience and relive our epic journey in our brand new free browser game, Samurai Arena.

Face off against the arena’s toughest opponents, making your way through the chapters of G2 Esports’ history. Dodge attacks and land successive combos to earn fans and fame as you hack and slash the waves of enemies that stand in the way of your legacy. If the combat gets too hot and heavy, collect Logitech G health and extra life pick-ups to ensure the dream lives on or better yet, unleash your ultimate attack!

There are 5 chapters to the Samurai Arena, each retelling the G2 Esports story and presenting a new challenge to overcome as you become a true champion. The journey doesn’t end there though! Stay hungry and make the G2 Army even stronger by taking on endless waves of enemies. Fight your way through the hordes and mark your name at the top of the Global Leaderboard, supported by Twitch authentication, by earning the most fans and fame.

Follow your destiny, raise the G2 Army, and become the ultimate G2 Samurai!

To celebrate the launch of Samurai Arena, we have a special prize for the top G2 Samurai! From now until October 1st 2018, the top 3 names on the leaderboard will each receive a special prize. You have until then to earn your fans and prove you are the top samurai!

Full terms and conditions apply and can be viewed here.

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