G2 Esports CS:GO shox health update

After receiving more information about our CS:GO team captain Richard ‘shox’ Papillon wrist condition, we are happy to shed more light on his situation.

We’ve been aware that our captain Richard ‘shox’ Papillon was bothered by occasional wrist pains throughout the last year. While competing at DreamHack Masters Malmö, the tournament that G2 Esports ultimately won, the intensity of the pain led shox to meet the specialists who suggested conducting an MRI scan, which he did in December.

Following our CS:GO team’s performance at the ELEAGUE Major, the players had a chance to go home to recover after the long absence from home and regain their energy for the upcoming tournaments. During the break, shox was informed of his scan results that have shown that he has a cyst of 2 cm on the right wrist lodged under the tendons.

After meeting the specialists it was determined that a surgical procedure to remove the cyst is finally required. Such surgeries are not considered to be difficult and there is little to no chance for any complications. shox’s operation is scheduled for the 23rd of March. The procedure will be followed by a two-week period when Richard’s right wrist will be immobilized with a splint. After that he will have special rehabilitation sessions. Specialists have estimated that Richard’s dexterity will completely recover from one to 8 weeks after removing the splint.

Tournament impact

shox has made a decision that he will participate in the tournaments and play with the team until his scheduled surgery. The team’s training and official games schedule will remain unchanged. Currently we are in process of friendly requesting ESL and FACEIT to allow us to reschedule some of our games that are planned to happen from March 23rd until 8th of April, while Richard will be wearing a splint. We will inform you of ESL and FACEIT’s decisions.

We are still exploring our options in case tournament organizers refuse our request to reschedule our games. In the worst case scenario, our coach Edouard ‘SmithZz’ Dubourdeaux is ready to help the team as potential substitute. From April 9th it is planned that shox will be back to our starting roster, however, we’ll keep a close eye on the situation and will re-evaluate the date if necessary depending on his recovery.

We are certain that shoxieJESUS will be back and be able to play in front of the #G2ARMY in Marseille for DreamHack Masters at the prestigious Le Dôme de Marseille, from April 18th to 22nd, and as always, we remain as committed of ensuring our players’ well-being as ever before. Please be so kind to join us in sending Richard the best vibes and luck for this procedure. May the king be back soon.

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