Beginning with the Summer Split 2017, G2 Esports League of Legends Head Analyst Christopher ‘Duffman’ Duff has his duties extended and will also be taking on the Team Manager role.

We are glad to share the news that our former remote Head Analyst Christopher ‘Duffman’ Duff will be moving to the League of Legends gaming house in Berlin and staying with the team permanently.

In his new role, he will assist our two coaches (Joey & Weldon) with all managerial duties, as well as serve as the team’s on-site manager in the Riot Games studio in Berlin and during the roadshows/international events.

During Chris’ time with us since the last spring, he has shown a hard-working nature and proved himself a true team player. We are convinced that his full-time presence in Berlin will help the players’ well-being and improve their performance even further.

Here is what Chris had to say about his role change:

For the past year at G2 Esports I’ve worked alongside Joey as the team’s Head Analyst. I joined at the start of G2’s LCS journey and was brought on mainly to do statistical work but over time I started working on Scouting Reports and Patch Summaries to help in any way possible. My personal goal is to be as useful as possible to Joey and the players.

The last month has been a dream come true. I was given a last-minute opportunity to join the team as the on-site manager for the EU LCS Final against Unicorns of Love before being asked to stay on and follow the team to Rio de Janeiro for our run at MSI.

My personal goal is to be as useful as possible to Joey and the players.

I am immensely proud of what these players have achieved and I have now been offered the chance to continue this role full-time and to move into the house for the Summer Split. I see this management role as another extension of my Analyst work as I will now be able to take even more off the players’ minds and let them fully focus on the season ahead.

I cannot wait for the Summer Split to get started and to implement everything we learned at MSI. I want nothing more than to help these players be the best that we can be and I can’t wait to get back to work alongside Joey and Weldon as we fight for our fourth consecutive title. #G2FIGHTING!

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