G2 statement about Gaming Paradise

Statement from G2.Kinguin regarding Gaming Paradise, an event which its CS:GO attended earlier in the year as Kinguin.

G2.Kinguin would like to issue the following statement with regard to Gaming Paradise, an event its CS:GO team attended earlier in 2015 while still playing for Kinguin.

“Today, we were informed by The Gaming Resorts – the company behind the Gaming Paradise event – that the outstanding prizes from the Counter-Strike tournament, which was won by our team while still playing for Kinguin earlier this year, “will probably not be paid.”

The Gaming Resorts claims that the company holds no assets to cover losses, and as such, will automatically be declared bankrupt within the next three months. It adds that, even if the case goes to court, G2 and the other interested parties will not receive the prize money they are owed.

We are absolutely shocked at the lack of professionalism and respect The Gaming Resorts has shown towards the players and the community as a whole. Tournaments like this one damage the image and the integrity of esports, and stand in the way of having a stable scene, where players can compete freely, without having the fear of the possibility of not getting the prizes they work hard for.

G2.Kinguin would like to add that it will continue to do all in its power to make sure that the outstanding prize money from Gaming Paradise will be paid, in collaboration with the other clubs who have been affected by this situation.”

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