G2 team results: May week #1

Want to know how our teams performed last week? Check out this infographic with all the latest results from our players.

Last week was an action-packed one for Gamers2’s CS:GO team, which got off to a great start by defeating ENCORE 2-1 in the last-chance qualifier for CEVO Season 7’s professional division. After holding mousesports to a 1-1 draw and defeating k1ck 2-0, the team was then defeated by PENTA Sports in a three-map thriller in 99Damage Arena #6 and lost the GameAgents League final against dignitas.

Our Call of Duty players also had a lot on their plate as they competed in the LVP Primera División Sprint #2 playoffs, taking second place, and attended GGCUP at the weekend, where they finished in 3rd-4th place after losing to Spirit Gaming in the semi-finals.

Gamers2’s FIFA player Fernando “Ferperry” Martinez confirmed his status as one of the best players in his country as he was crowned champion of LVP’s Primera División, while our Heroes of the Storm team extended their winning run in the Major League by defeating ASH 2-0.

Below you can find our teams’ results in full:


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