G2 team results: May week #2

We have put together our traditional infographic with the latest results from our teams. Check it out!

Gamers2’s CS:GO, Call of Duty and Heroes of the Storm players were very busy last week as they flew the club’s colors high in several different tournaments. Starting off with the CS:GO team, our Polish players enjoyed an amazing week as they won two of  the three matches they played in CEVO Professional, defeated the newly-built GreyFace lineup in the GamePlan Pro League and advanced to the semi-finals of the Counter Pit League qualifier.

Meanwhile, our Call of Duty squad moved past Xpresive Club 3-2 in LVP’s Primera División before flying to London for Gfinity Spring Masters, which they attended with Fran “PeLuka” Rubio as a substitute for Toni “Tojor” Jorda. It was an uphill task for the players, but still they acquitted themselves well by taking the match against Strictly Business to a fifth map.

Finally, Gamers2’s Heroes of the Storm team extended their winning run in the ESL Heroes Major League by defeating SK Gaming 2-0. Before the end of the week, the players competed in Colosos del Nexo and reached the grand final of the tournament, in which they fell short against Team Liquid in an exciting five-map game.

Below you can find our teams’ results in full:


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