G2 team results: May week #4

Are you a fan of high-quality infographics? Then have a look at this one to find out how our CS:GO, Call of Duty and Heroes of the Storm teams fared last week!

Last week was, as usual, packed with action for our CS:GO team, which is competing in various online tournaments. Once again, the team began the week on the wrong foot, losing two of their first three matches, but then things finally started going their way and they strung some amazing results together, including a sensational 2-0 victory against EnVyUs in SLTV StarSeries.

Our Heroes of the Storm team, meanwhile, played their last group match in the Heroes Major League. Unfortunately, fnatic came out on top of this clash, but we still enter the playoffs with the second-highest seed. Finally, our Call of Duty squad continued their great start to the season in LVP Primera División as they beat Cerberus and Deaka by 3-1 scorelines. Later during the week, the team travelled to Terrassa for the WYP Season Cup, where they came second after losing to Xpresive in the grand final.

Below you can find our teams’ results in full:


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