G2 Esports Announces Multi-Year Deal with Twitch as Exclusive Streaming Partner

From now on all of G2 Esports’ talents will stream exclusively on Twitch as we welcome them as our new exclusive video streaming partners.

In G2 Esports, there are two things we work the hardest on every day – competitive success and connecting with our fans in the most accessible and engaging ways. We aim for this through the content we create and through our pro players’ live streaming their gameplay.

Our quest is to strive to be the best in every path we pursue and therefore, once we decided to strengthen our streams, live video premieres and live interaction with our fans, there was no greater partner than Twitch.

“Throughout the years, Twitch has become the epitome of entertainment, reflecting a passion for video games and providing a window into how esports pros play with a great community overall. Many probably still remember my streaming days and now that I’m back at it at a regular basis, I can’t imagine doing it for any other service but Twitch. Our values align and I can’t be more excited about G2 Esports signing a multi-year contract and elevating our relationship with Twitch to new heights. I’m absolutely certain we will have an amazing time together and might even break a record or two!” – says Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez, avid streamer and CEO of G2 Esports.

“G2 Esports has captivated fans with their impressive skills across multiple games, including winning both LCS EU Spring and Summer two years in a row,” said Pontus Eskilsson, Sr. Partnerships Manager, EMEA, Twitch. “By partnering with Twitch for an exclusive multi-year deal, it ensures our global community will be able to watch and be amazed by one of esports most talented teams.”

Twitch and G2 Esports content

As we put more and more efforts into producing high quality content, there are so many great opportunities now with Twitch as our partner. Twitch is already the go-to platform for hot esports content, as well as individual streams.

  • From now on Twitch will be the only live-streaming platform that will cover all G2 Esports teams and players. With our new exclusive partnership in place, our pro players will benefit from increased visibility thanks to Twitch promotional activities that will further help to build their prominence. We trust and rely on Twitch’s expertise and quality standards, so we can be sure our fans will have the easiest and most convenient access to their favourite G2 streamers no matter which device they use.
  • Our newly introduced G2 Podcast will grow and flourish. Stay tuned on G2 Esports social media channels and feel free to contribute, who you’d like to hear from next!
  • Unique G2 Esports content will be live premiered on Twitch via Twitch Premieres. Want to see the exciting behind-the-scenes video? Or be the first one to check out the new funny series? We’ll bring them to the fans on Twitch before they can get them anywhere else! Some specials will only be available on https://www.twitch.tv/g2esports – make sure to drop a Follow to be notified!
  • Our collaboration will go beyond live streaming. We are already planning joint real-life activities that will bring an extra portion of fun for event-goers.
  • More visibility for our partners. Our partners are an essential part of our club. A big portion of our content is either created in collaboration with- or features their products and brands. An increased amount of impressions for our partners is crucial for the growth of our club and long-lasting relationships.

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