G2 will take part in Vainglory 2017 Summer Unified Championship

After a shaky split G2’s Vainglory trio managed a comeback and secured a European Top 6 spot along with a Vainglory Championship slot.

With a strong performance in the last week of the Vainglory8 Summer Split 2, G2 Esports trio DarkPotato, KeanuNakoa and Hundor have secured their spot at Vainglory 2017 Summer Unified Championship.

The team will head to Los Angeles on September 8-10, to face the European opponents and from there on, if victorious, proceed to the head-to-head battle against the North America’s best teams.

As our support player Keanu ‘KeanuNakoa’ Kramer wrote in his tweet after the last games this split, ending season being 6th is a pretty disappointing result after being Europe’s Spring Season Champions. “We just didn’t have the self-confidence we had last season. In a lot of situations we were afraid to take risks in-game just as in our drafts <...>. Let’s focus on the future and work hard for LA and autumn season!” – he writes.

We support our Vainglory trio wholeheartedly and can’t wait to see them playing on the highest level in Los Angeles. It’s an honor and great joy to be among the 12 best teams from North America and Europe. Let’s see who comes out on top!

Watch all the action live in Downtown Los Angeles at the iconic Globe Theatre, Sept. 8-10. You can get your tickets and find more information here.

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