G2.Vodafone to feature in MTV show “Gamers”

G2.Vodafone, our Spanish League of Legends team, will star in a reality show produced by MTV Spain called “Gamers”. The premiere episode of the show will debut on April 28th, so make sure to mark your calendar!

Our Spanish League of Legends team, which is competing under the name G2.Vodafone, will star in a reality show produced by MTV Spain called “Gamers”. For 13 weeks, MTV’s cameras will follow Rosendo “Sendo” Fuentes, Kevin “Inkos” Alpire, Ismael “Miniduke” Martinez, Guillermo “Sou” Velasco and Jesús “Falco” Perez at the team’s gaming house, in Madrid, as they battle their way to the top of the Spanish scene and work tirelessly to make their mark abroad.

“We are very happy that we get to share this experience with everyone,” the team said in a statement. “Nevertheless, we must find the right balance between shooting and practise, because we will need to be at a good level to take on the teams in the Challenger Series qualifiers.”

During a press-tour session at the gaming house, Carlos “ocelote” Rodríguez Santiago, G2’s CEO, explained that “Gamers” is targeted to all audiences as the show looks to break down stereotypes and barriers surrounding videogames and esports.

The show will air Thursdays at 10pm on MTV Spain, starting with the premiere episode, on April 28th. There will also be weekly rebroadcasts on Fridays at 5:40 pm and Sundays at 1:30 PM, with every episode also being uploaded to the Youtube Channel of eSports Vodafone.

Below you can find the trailer for “Gamers”:

G2.Vodafone currently sits third in LVP’s Honor Division, the highest tier in Spanish League of Legends. Recently, the team won the national pre-qualifiers for the Challenger Series, which means that they will be competing in the European qualifiers, scheduled for May 20th to 27th.

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