G2.Vodafone wins Final Cup

Our second League of Legends team, called G2.Vodafone, has been crowned Spanish champion after defeating ASUS ROG Army in the Final Cup, which took place in Madrid as part of Gamergy.

Our Spanish League of Legends team, called G2.Vodafone, has been crowned Spanish champion after defeating ASUS ROG Army at Gamergy, in Madrid, in an exciting final that went to all five games.

This is the culmination of a project that was launched at the start of the year, through a partnership with telecommunications group Vodafone. We are thrilled that we have been able to build a solid team that is successful and has played a pivotal role in changing the perception of Spanish people about esports and the gaming phenomenon through the reality show “Gamers”, which is being aired on MTV Spain.


Thousands of fans roared in euphoria as G2.Vodafone won the Final Cup

It was the most spectacular and keenly contested final in the history of Gamergy. Thousands of fans filled the stands to watch the action, and the teams certainly lived up to the hype surrounding the match. Every time that G2.Vodafone threatened to run away with the lead, ASUS ROG Army would hit back and tie up the series, but in the end our players pulled through and secured the title in game 5, confirming the team’s dominance in Spanish League of Legends after it had also topped the standings at the end of the regular season in LVP’s Honor Division.

Below you can find the VODs of all the matches, starting with game 1: 

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