G2’s January tournament map

Check out our January tournament map if you want to know where our teams and players will be competing throughout the month! January marks the start of the LCS season, in which our new League of Legends team will be competing, and our CS:GO team will also get into the action with two offline events.

Every month going forward, we will be posting on our website a graphic detailing where our teams and players will be competing in that particular month. In some cases spots in offline tournaments are only confirmed one or two weeks in advance, but this way our fans will be able to know at the start of the month where G2’s players will be competing and, this way, make plans to watch them in person.

January will be a very busy month for our CS:GO team, which will attend the SL i-League StarSeries XIV Finals next week before flying to Germany for DreamHack Open Leipzig. Both events will feature some of the finest teams in Europe, so this will be a great chance for our players to put their skills to the test!

This month also brings the start of the LCS season in Europe. Our League of Legends players are already in Berlin getting ready for the tournament, which kicks off on January 14th. Until the end of the month our boys will be playing six matches, so there will be plenty of opportunities for you to cheer them on.

Check out the map below to see where our players will be competing in January:


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