G2’s updated Vainglory tier list

Want to know which Vainglory heroes you should prioritise as you want to take your game to the next level? We have got you covered with this tier list compiled by our players, Timo “D1ngo” Tekolf, David “DarkPotato” Süßlin, Tim “Reddix” Schäfer and Alexander “Hundor” Stitz,. Check it out!

It has been a while since we last updated our Vainglory hero tier list. Since the last list was released, back in August, new heroes have been introduced, while some others have been nerfed/boosted, so we thought that creating a one-stop tier list would be helpful to all the players out there, regardless of skill.

Whether you are new to Vainglory or a seasoned player who is struggling to adapt to the new meta, this tier list is for you! Keep in mind that some heroes may be played in more than one role and that the list below takes into consideration the top meta picks, which means that certain draft strategies may prioritise heroes who are further down the pecking order. Make sure to keep checking our website as we will be bringing updated versions of this tier list as new patches are released.



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