Gamers2 finishes second in Heroes Major League 2

Gamers2’s Heroes of the Storm finished second in the Heroes Major League following a 2-3 defeat against ASH, who had a two-map advantage going into the match.

Gamers2’s Heroes of the Storm team will be competing this weekend in the playoffs of the Heroes Major League, a $4,200 online tournament hosted by ESL. After finishing third during the regular season, our players will be facing Kinguin in the semi-final stage of this double-elimination bracket.

The top-four finish during the round-robin stage means that Gamers2 has already qualified for the following Major League season, but the team will not settle for anything other than winning the title. The players will also use this tournament as preparation for the upcoming MSI MGA 2015 qualifiers, which will take place next weekend.

Below you can find all the information about the Heroes Major League playoffs:

Final standings:

1. ASH – $2,000
2. Gamers2 – $1,000
3. Kinguin – $750
4. ROCCAT – $450

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