Gamers2 invited to Ballistix Challenge

Gamers2’s CS:GO team has been invited to compete in the Ballistix CS:GO Challenge, an invitational tournament featuring eight squads from all over Europe. A total of $5,000 will be on offer in this competition, which kicks off on Friday.

We are pleased to announced that our CS:GO team will compete in the Ballistix CS:GO Challenge, a three-day invitational tournament featuring eight top teams from all over Europe, who will fight for the chance to win $2,500 and face Ninjas in Pyjamas in a best-of-three showmatch for an extra $500.

Our team has been drawn alongside nerdRage, Mortal Kombat and Team Acer in the group stage of this tournament, which kicks off on Friday. Below you can find an infographic with all the details about this exciting competition:


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