Gamers2 partners with NEEDforSEAT

Gamers2 is thrilled to announce a partnership with NEEDforSEAT, the most popular source for professional gaming chairs in Europe. Very soon, Gamers2 will have its own custom MAXNOMIC chair up for sale!

Gamers2 is happy to announce a new partnership with NEEDforSEAT, the most popular source for professional gaming chairs in Europe. As a result, Gamers2’s players will be using NEEDforSEAT’s ergonomic MAXNOMIC chairs, which will allow them to withstand long practice sessions without tension or pain.

At Gamers2, we are always looking to work alongside the best companies in the business, and NEEDforSEAT certainly fits the bill. Since 2011, NEEDforSEAT has been selling the best gaming and office chairs in esports, and we are thrilled to be able join its family.


Below you can find a statement from Gamers2’s founder and CEO, Carlos “ocelote” Rodríguez Santiago, about the partnership with NEEDforSEAT:

“NEEDforSEAT is known for two words that we at G2 highly relate to: quality and design. When we realised that most of our players and staff were already using their chairs, we decided that we needed to create G2-branded chairs with this wonderful company. We expect a bright future.”

Very, very soon Gamers2 will have its own custom MAXNOMIC chair up for sale on NEEDforSEAT’s website, so keep checking our website and our social media platforms to find out when this product will be launched. Also be sure to check out our players’ Twitch streams to see the amazing chairs they are sitting in!

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