Gamers2 ready to take GGCUP by storm

Gamers2’s Call of Duty team and FIFA player Fernando “Ferperry” Martinez will be at GGCUP this weekend, with our club’s founder and manager, Carlos “ocelote” Rodríguez Santiago, due to make an appearance at the event on Sunday.

This weekend, the IFEMA conference centre, on the outskirts of Madrid, will play host to GGCUP, a videogame event organised by e-sport based social network SocialNAT. With the very best Spanish players in attendance, it is no surprise to see Gamers2 taking centre stage at the event.

Our Call of Duty team will be competing in GGCUP’s professional COD tournament, in which they will be facing off against the likes of Spirit Gaming, Deaka and OverGaming. It will certainly be a very difficult competition, but our players have been preparing hard for it and will be aiming for gold. Gamers2’s FIFA player Fernando “Ferperry” Martinez, who came in second place in Gfinity Spring Masters’ Play Like a Legend tournament, will also attend GGCUP, where he will line up against 23 other players from all over the country.

But that’s not the end of it: as we announced some days ago, Gamers2’s Carlos “ocelote” Rodríguez Santiago will make an appearance at GGCUP on Sunday, when he will be engaging with fans and giving an exciting master class in e-sports!

If you happen to be in Madrid this weekend, make sure to stop by IFEMA and show your support for our teams and our club. If not, you can always follow the tournaments in which we will be involved on our website or through our social media platforms.

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