Gamers2 to face SK Gaming in LCS Promotion

Our League of Legends team will take on SK Gaming in the LCS Promotion tournament. The winner of this best-of-five clash, scheduled for September 5th, will secure a spot in LCS.

Gamers2’s League of Legends team will take on SK Gaming in the LCS Spring Promotion, in Berlin, on September 5th. After Gambit picked mousesports as their opponent, we were paired with SK, who finished ninth in the regular season, on a 6-12 record.

Our players know that SK head into this best-of-five clash as favourites, but they will try to make the most of their surprise factor to boost their chances in the match. Below you can find a statement from our team manager, Joe “InnerFlame” Elouassi, about this game:

“I’m looking forward to playing against my old team. I did not leave on the worst of terms so rather than wanting to win out of spite, I want to win because I want LCS  again and I love winning more than anything. Sure, doing it against people I grew close to over an extended period of time carries something with it… But it isn’t the main reason I want to win and why I think we will win. I believe in my team, I believe in myself and more than anything I know how much everyone here wants to win. Bring it on.”

Keep checking our website and our social media platforms to find out all the details about the team’s preparation for the LCS Promotion clash.

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