Gamers2 ventures into Vainglory

Gamers2 is pleased to announce that it is expanding into Vainglory, a growing MOBA game designed for mobile devices, with the signing of players from the team known as PewPewPew.

Today marks the beginning of a new era at Gamers2 as we are ecstatic to announce the very first Vainglory team that will be playing under our brand. As a club that strives to be ahead of the curve, Gamers2 is always looking to expand into new games and support talented players who share our vision, our passion and our desire to win.

Vainglory is an up-and-coming MOBA game designed exclusively for mobile platforms. With a constantly-growing community and an amazing developer team behind, Vainglory is one of the games that will help to define the shape of esports in the future. Earlier this month, Super Evil Megacorp, the company behind Vainglory, announced that it had raised a whopping $26 million to “continue to build incredible core gaming experiences on touch screens” and to make the game “the world’s first mass-market esport.”

Based in Germany, the team features two members of PewPewPew, one of the strongest sides in Europe, with already some impressive online results to their name. We look forward to seeing them in action in months to come as Vainglory grows in popularity! Please welcome the following players and manager to the Gamers2 family:

Below you can find a statement from Gamers2’s founder and CEO, Carlos “ocelote” Rodríguez Santiago, about the acquisition of the team:

“We have been keeping an eye on Vainglory for some time now, and what was once a promising game has already become a successful esports title. We are glad to be a pioneer here as we feel positive about the growth that the game will have in the upcoming months.”

You will be able to see this new team in action in early September, in the online qualifiers for VGL Season One, which will have $15,000 on offer. For all those seeking more information about Vainglory, scroll through the infographic below:


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