Gamers2 wants your frags!

Gamers2’s video editor, Daniel “kedz” Silva, will be creating monthly compilations of the best frags from our fans. Send us your demos and you can win weapon skin prizes!

Here at Gamers2 we are always eager to give something back to our fans to repay all the support you have shown over the months, through thick and thin. That is why, going forward, our very talented video editor Daniel “kedz” Silva will be creating monthly compilations of the 10 best CS:GO frags made by our fans.

There will be more to it than just getting your frags out there for everyone to see: the three best individual moments will be rewarded with amazing weapon skins. So, if you want to boost your inventory and you have some stunning frags, feel free to send us your demo from official tournaments or simply from scrims/pugs.

Please keep in mind that we will only accept GOTV demos, which make for smoother scenes. Here is how the whole process will be carried out:

  • Send us your demos until Wednesday, August 12th. Only one demo per person allowed!
  • The video will be released on Saturday, August 22nd, and the three winners will be contacted

Below you can find all the info about how you can send us your frags:


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