Gamers2 welcomes Baczek to HotS team

Gamers2 is pleased to welcome Emanuel “Baczek” Bąk to our Heroes of the Storm team, while we bid farewell to longtime member Adrian “adrd” Wójcik.

As previously announced, our Heroes of the Storm team spent the last few days trying out potential new players to determine whether injecting new blood would help to improve results. Two of the team’s players – Adrian “adrd” Wójcik and Oskar “Jowe” Halamus – were benched as the squad assessed the pros and cons of changing the lineup at such a critical moment, with two very important tournaments just around the corner.

In the end, it was decided that Oskar “Jowe” Halamus will remain in the team as his contribution is an invaluable asset to us. This means, unfortunately, that we are parting ways with Adrian “adrd” Wójcik, whom we would like to thank for his fantastic service for the club. Wójcik, who led our team during most of his time in Gamers2, is without a doubt a very talented player, and he defined an era in the game with his inovative Abathur play. We would like to wish him the best of luck in his career.


We bid farewell to adrd, one of the best Specialist players in Europe

Completing our lineup will be Emanuel “Baczek” Bąk. Most of our Polish fans certainly known him from League of Legends, in which he reached the Challenger level alongside Bartosz “Szychu” Kosmacz. We are confident that with his arrival our team will be stronger and better prepared to face the challenges that lie ahead.

Below you can find a statement from our team manager, Radoslaw “Ayden” Kwiatkowski, about these changes:

“A few days ago, we announced that Oskar ‘Jowe’ Halamus and Adrian ‘adrd’ Wojcik would be benched and that we planned to test new players to determine whether we could improve something in our team. Unfortunately, due to lack of time, we were not able to test everyone we wanted, and we focused on Polish players. The main reasons were the third-place match in the MSI MGA qualifier against Na`Vi, which unfortunately we lost, and our two-week trip on Sunday.

For a long time we struggled with communication problems in our team, mostly between Jowe and adrd, who were unable to get along with each other. Adrian, who used to captain the team and decide our picks and bans, sadly underestimated Oskar’s skills, which led to many strange situations and communication problems during games, especially the ones we were losing. He often said he could not choose all the heroes during the draft because Jowe could not play them all properly, so many times we were forced to choose heroes that were weaker.

We tried to fix this situation for many months, but things did not improve, so the only solution was to decide which of the two players was better and had a bigger impact on our team. Oskar is without a doubt one of the best Assassin players in Europe, although he does not have as much experience as the other members of the team. Adrian, on the other hand, was the ingame leader and he also prepared strategies and picks or all the matches. The problem with him, however, was that we could not count on him as a captain who could motivate us and do everything in his power to win. Usually, he kept to himself and he would not speak during matches. So we changed the person responsible for leading the team ingame to Nicker and we got a coach to help us with picks during drafts and to come up with new tactics. Adrd’s form in recent weeks had also dropped considerably, probably due to a lack of motivation, which made our final decision much easier. We knew that we could not keep a person who was not very motivated and who brings the rest of the players down. We had to take stronger measures since talks were not producing any effect.

Therefore, we decided that Oskar will remain in the team and that we will be joined by Emanuel “Baczek” Bąk, who is very experienced and has a personality that is more in line with ours, so communication should greatly increase. He is a 23-year-old League of Legends player with a few minor LAN achievements. He reached the Challenger level with his team and he is now at the very top of Heroes of the Storm’s MMR SoloQ ranking. We are very confident that he will live up to our expectations and that our game will improve thanks to him.

From today on, Adrian is no longer part of Gamers2, so he is free to play for any team he wants. We wish him the very best as his skill is undeniable and he has the experience that many players can only dream of. He knows not only the European scene but also the North American and the Asian scenes, and he is an all-round player with a very wide pool of heroes. Although his personality did not fit in our team, it does not change the fact that he gets a recommendation from me as team manager and from his former team-mates from Gamers2 as a great player in his role.

In a few days we will go to Madrid to Gamers2’s gaming house, where we will practice under the guidance of our new coach, who will soon be announced. We will spend two weeks in Spain to prepare for DreamHack Valencia, on July 16th, and for the qualifiers for Road to Blizzcon. We will play roughly 100 games together, which will allow us to adapt quickly to these changes and get better results in the future.”

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