Gamers2 welcomes Reddix to Vainglory team

Gamers2 is pleased to announce the addition of Tim “Reddix” Schäfer to its Vainglory team. Schäfer, who used to play for PewPewPew, will be manning the lane for our team from now on.

Today, we are pleased to announce the addition of Tim “Reddix” Schäfer to our Vainglory team, which joined the club’s ranks last week. This move had been planned from the very beginning as we believe that, with Schäfer manning the lane, the team will be much better equipped to face the challenges that lie ahead.

With over 900 victories to his name, Schäfer is one of the strongest Lane Carries in the game, and we expect to see him in full force in the online qualifiers for VGL Season One, which kick off on Saturday.


Did you know? Celeste is one of Reddix’s favourite heroes

Below you can find a statement from the player about joining Gamers2:

“I have joined Gamers2 because this is the chance for me to improve by playing in a team  that is very organized. I think we have the potential to reach top 8 in the upcoming VLG Season 1. I am sure Gamers2 will help us to be more successful.”

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