Gamers2’s CS:GO team meets fans in Krakow

Our CS:GO players hosted a meet and greet session with fans in Krakow, where they are currently bootcamping. We have now uploaded a gallery and a video of this event.

Our CS:GO team held a meet and greet session with fans on Saturday afternoon in Krakow, the city where it is currently bootcamping with a view to preparing for the upcoming offline events, Gfinity Spring Masters and Copenhagen Games.

Dozens of avid Gamers2 fans travelled to our bootcamp location to meet the players in person and to get to chat with them. Pictures were taken, autographs were signed, deathmatches were played… all and all, it was a great experience for everyone involved, and we could not be happier to know that our fanbase remains so loyal. In fact, we are so thrilled with the support our fans have shown that we are thinking about doing this type of events more often.

Below you can find some of the photos we took, as well as a video recorded by our team manager, Łukasz “PRAWUs” Ganczewski. We would like to thank UPSTAGE Store for making this bootcamp possible.



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