Get Ready for The Vainglory 2017 World Championship with Patch 2.10 Tier List

We are pleased to present the Vainglory 2.10 Patch Tier List, this will be relevant during the World Championship in Singapore later this month, by Vainglory casters Dowsey and Excoundrel.

For all the Vainglory lovers out there or future Vainglory lovers, here’s the 2.10 Patch Tier List summarized by casters Joshua ‘Dowsey’ Dowse and Ceirnan ‘Excoundrel’ Lowe.

“Hi everyone! This tier list for 2.10 was really hard to compile, lots of heroes feel viable in almost every role but we based our assessment on high elo EU meta, talking to pro players and win rates. This is supposed to be a blend of solo queue and competitive,” – say they authors of the tier list.

According to Dowsey & Excoundrel, there’s potential for a large variety of interesting combos that we will see assembled in Singapore. “So many heroes are viable on 2.10 which is going to make this year’s Vainglory World Championship extremely exciting. Look out for some WP Skye in the lane, flashy CP Blackfeather plays and super impactful Churnwalker ultimates!” – tells Dowsey.

The Vainglory 2017 World Championship will be taking place on 14-17 of December at the Kallang Theatre in Singapore. During this event the publisher of Vainglory, Super Evil Megacorp, has also planned the much anticipated 5v5 Global Unveiling. You can find more information and tickets here.

Scroll down and enjoy the Tier List for 2.10 patch that Vainglory 2017 World Championship will be played on:

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