Gfinity COD Pro League: Gamers2 [3:3] Millenium

Gamers2’s Call of Duty team will face Millenium tonight, at 21 CEST, in the fourth week of online play in the Gfinity COD Pro League.

The Gfinity COD Pro League, one of the biggest and most exciting European Call of Duty leagues hosted to date, resumes tonight with the fourth round of fixtures. This week, Gamers2 will take on Millenium, a household name in the French esports scene, who are currently level on points with our team.

This match will be the perfect opportunity for our team to bounce back from last week’s 1-5 defeat against Epsilon and get closer to a fop-four finish, which grants access to the Call of Duty Summer Championship, in London, later this month.

You can find all the informations about the Gfinity COD Pro League below:

Top photo courtesy of IGN España

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