Hoang joins G2 League of Legends squad as a sub

We want to wish Jean-Victor ‘loulex’ Burgevin luck in his future endeavours and welcome the new G2 Esports League of Legends substitute Michael ‘Hoang’ Hoang to our family.

Summer Split started for G2 with an unexpected three-substitute-show in the Week 1, which after hard-fought games brought us victory. We are extremely grateful to the jungler Jean-Victor ‘loulex’ Burgevin who stepped up in that series, for his help and time with us. We wish him all the best on his new team!

With Rift Rivals coming up in the beginning of July we also want to introduce our new substitute player Hoang. He was previously known in the League of Legends community as Risdrengen. The Danish player has played with his countryman, our ADC Jesper ‘Zven’ Svenningsen in the past. Hoang is known for his prowess in mid and support roles. Namely Zven was the one to suggest this prospective flex player to join G2 as a substitute. Avid League of Legends fans could previously see Hoang playing at the Ragnarok Finals in April along with former Unicorns of Love ADC Pontus ‘Vardags’ Dahlblom, among others.

Hoang is known for his versatile skill and will be a great asset for the team, according to our Head Coach Joey ‘YoungBuck’ Steltenpool:

“We always knew that loulex would be a great pick-up and we are happy that he got a new opportunity. After letting him pursue his dreams in another LCS team we, however, needed to find a replacement and a new substitute. During the process of scouting we’ve found a great talent in a young Danish player Hoang. We are convinced that he makes a great substitute due to his ability to play multiple roles on a high level. Also Zven vouched for him and this was also very important for us. We hope that the League of Legends community will give Hoang a warm welcome and we’re looking forward to getting him to Berlin to stay with us during the Rift Rivals tournament in early July.”

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