HOTS team invited to DreamHack Winter

G2 Esports’ Heroes of the Storm team has received an invitation to compete in DreamHack All-Stars: Winter Clash, from November 26-29. Eight European sides will be in attendance in the tournament, which will have a $25,000 prize pool.

Our Heroes of the Storm team has received an invitation to compete at DreamHack Winter, taking place from November 26-29 in Jönköping, Sweden. Eight of the strongest teams in Europe will take part in this tournament, called DreamHack All-Stars: Winter Clash, where they will duke it out for their part of a $25,000 prize pool.

DH Winter will be one of the two international events that our Heroes of the Storm team will be attending until the end of the year, the other one being the World Cyber Arena, in China. The team has been practicing day and night for both tournaments as it looks to cement its position in the European scene and make a big impression in its first intercontinental competition.

Our support player, Łukasz “Leofromkorea” Mirek, gave the following statement about DH Winter: “We are very happy that we can play again on a big stage. DreamHack events are always a good opportunity to show our strength and our new strategies. There have been a lot of changes in the HOTS scene in the last two months, so this will be a good challenge for us. It will be a test before the WCA finals, so let’s hope that we can learn something and improve!”

Below you can find the full list of participants for DH Winter’s HOTS tournament:


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