HotS team ready for DreamHack Winter

Our Heroes of the Storm players are on their way to Jönköping, where they will be attending DreamHack Winter. Check out what Piotr “Nicker” Muzolf had to say about group stage opponents and the team’s preparation for the €25,000 tournament.

Our Heroes of the Storm team is on its way to Jönköping, where it will be competing in the DreamHack All-Stars: Winter Clash, a tournament featuring eight sides from across Europe and a $25,000 prize pool. The draw for the group stage was anything but kind to our team, which will be up against Team Liquid, and fnatic.

Below you can find the group draw in full:


Before the team boarded the plane, we caught up with Piotr “Nicker” Muzolf to know his expectations for the tournament. You can find the full interview with our player below:

What are your expectations heading into the tournament? How did you prepare for it?

That is a really hard question right now. There have been a lot of roster changes, and the line-ups have not truly been tested yet. Everything will be clarified after this event. We were invited one week before the tournament and we were not able to use this time as we would have liked. 

G2 is one of the few teams in Europe to keep a roster with players from the same country. Why do you think that teams like Liquid and ROCCAT have gone for international rosters? Do you think that communicating in your native language gives you an advantage?

Communicating in a native language is only an advantage if the players can’t speak English. I don’t think that should be a decisive factor when you are building a professional team, most players can use proper English to communicate with teammates. I think teams like Liquid and ROCCAT went for international rosters because it is really hard to find five good players from the same country with good attitude and communication.


Nicker thinks there are no favorites for DH Winter (Photo courtesy of ESL)

What do you think about the European scene, after all the latest changes? Who do you think that are the main favorites for the tournament?

As I mentioned before, it’s really hard to say. This event will be first true test for the new rosters, and I really do not know yet what to expect. We also have to remember that playing offline is much diffrent than playing online. There are no favorites in my opinion.

You have been drawn in a very tough group, with Liquid, and fnatic. What do you think about your opponents?

Team Liquid’s new roster seems to be really strong. They have experienced players, so I think they will perform really well. Same story with fnatic. There is also the stable team, which has been a top team for a really long time. It is a really hard group, but I think we can at least win two matches. 

This will be the first LAN with Cho’Gall. Do you think this hero will be banned a lot? What are your thoughts about it?

I do not think he will be banned at all until a team proves during the event that he is worth picking. Cho’Gall is an interesting hero, but I have no faith in him. I think he is a little bit too weak in the late game.

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