HotS team to try out new players

Gamers2’s Heroes of the Storm team will try out new players in the coming days for the Assassin and the Specialist positions.

Our Heroes of the Storm team will try out new players in the coming days to see if it is possible to build a stronger line-up than the one we currently have. The recent results and performances have not lived up to the expectations of Gamers2, the players and the fans, so it was decided to try something new to see if improvements are made.

Until the end of the week, Adrian “adrd” Wójcik and Oskar “Jowe” Halamus will be sitting out the team’s practice matches as new players will be tested for the Specialist and Assassin positions. Both players are still part of Gamers2, and everyone at the club knows how talented they are, but we want to assess whether changes will have a positive impact on our team unity.

Below you can find a statement from our HotS team manager, Radoslaw “Ayden” Kwiatkowski:

“Yesterday, for the first time, we felt the real taste of defeat. A defeat that should not have happened because of what was at stake, which was a place at the MSI MGA Championship. We lost to Team ASH yesterday in the qualifiers, so this will be the first major tournament since joining Gamers2 that we will not finish in the top two. We cannot hide the sadness that we felt after the match mainly due to the last game, a defeat for which only one player is to blame. We play every match as a team, so mistakes are made by the team as a whole, but unfortunately in this case it was all down to just one player. Since time does not go back, we have to prepare for what lies ahead, rather than think about what we cannot change.

“Heroes of the Storm is a particular game, because it is probably the easiest MOBA ever seen. So I imagine how hard it must be to reach the podium in every major tournament and how hard it has to be for players in order to achieve it. No other game requires such amount of teamplay, and this is just the beginning for the HotS scene.


Our team’s next offline event will be DreamHack Valencia, in mid-July

“As of today, Oskar “Jowe” Halamus and Adrian “adrd” Wojcik are benched. In the next few days, we will see whether these two players have brought what is expected of them to the table. This is not an easy decision; in fact, this is one of the worst moments for a manager who has to decide what is best for the team, but some things need to be done and some steps need to be taken. 

“Our final decision, whether we change one or two players or stick to the current roster, will be announced no later than Friday, and then we will travel to Madrid to bootcamp at Gamers2’s gaming house to prepare for Dreamhack Valencia and the qualifiers for Road to Blizzcon.

“Why this change? Why change a team that is currently the second best in Europe? Because you have to think ahead all the time, you need to invest in new opportunities and fix problems when words sometimes are not enough. The coming weeks will show whether this decision was right or not.”

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