Hybrid: “I hope more people are taking us seriously”

We sat down with our support player, Glenn “Hybrid” Doornenbal, who shared his thoughts about the first weeks in LCS, his relationship with AD Carry Jin-hyun “Emperor” Kim and the upcoming matches against Origen and SPLYCE.

If one had asked any random League of Legends fan about their predictions for EU LCS, almost no one would have suggested that G2.Kinguin – one of the newcomers in the competition – would sit at the summit of the table after three weeks. But the reality is that the team continues to grind out results, showing that they are capable of blowing opponents away should the chance arise.

Victories over Elements, ROCCAT and Giants – three teams who had endured a woeful pre-season – raised a few eyebrows, but it was only after beating fnatic and Unicorns of Love that pundits and fans alike truly started taking notice of G2, who are now regarded as a dark horse contender.

Before the season began, I expected us to perform well against most of the teams. I did not know how good the top tier teams would be, but I thought we were not worse than them,” says our support player, Glenn “Hybrid” Doornenbal. “After beating fnatic and UOL, I hope more people will take us seriously. Our performances in LCS have been good so far, and we are at the top for a reason.”

hybridLCS (2)

Hybrid praised his botlane partner, Emperor

A first-timer in LCS, Hybrid reckons that he was “a bit nervous” in his first match in the league but states he is pleased with his form. “It’s fun to play on stage. There are currently like four good teams in LCS, and I think I have played fine so far but I can always play better”, says the Dutchman, who played down the communication issues with his bot lane companion that were raised during the first weeks: My relationship with Emperor is good, he is a nice guy and he has really good mechanics. He is also an aggressive player and that is what I like about an ADC. I think we are one of the best botlanes in Europe.”

This week, G2 will be up against Origen and SPLYCE, and Hybrid has his eyes set on a 2-0 score: “Origen has not been performing that well this split but I still think they are a good team. We will have to see how they perform against us. SPLYCE are a new team in LCS but they have not won many games yet. I think we will beat them both.”

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