IEM Katowice: G2 finishes second

After defeating the ROX Tigers in a dramatic series that went to all three games, G2 Esports will face Flash Wolves in the grand final. Will our team go all the way? Follow our coverage of this exciting tournament here.

The 2017 edition of the IEM World Championship is finally here! Eight top teams, hailing from four different regions – EU LCS, LCK, LMS and LCL – will be pitting their wits against each other until the end of the week to determine who succeeds SK Telecom T1 as the new IEM world champion.

The tournament will see the eight teams split into two double-elimination groups, with the top two teams from both groups advancing to the playoffs. After losing to Flash Wolves and beating Kongdoo  Monster, G2 will take on Unicorns of Love for a spot in the semi-finals, just days after beating the EU LCS rival 2-0.

In case you missed our pre-tournament interview with  Luka “Perkz” Perković, you can find it here. Below you can follow our coverage of the IEM World Championship:

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