IEM Oakland League of Legends infographic

Check out our infographic about IEM Oakland’s League of Legends tournament, created in collaboration with ESL, if you want to know more about the competition, which was won by EU LCS team Unicorns of Love after defeating Flash Wolves in the final.

Last weekend, six League of Legends team, each one from a different region, faced each other at IEM Oakland, with $100,000 at stake. Contrary to predictions, home side TSM was not able to pick up the trophy, which went to EU LCS side Unicorns of Love after defeating Flash Wolves in an exciting five-game series.

We have partnered with ESL to create a one-stop infographic with relevant information about IEM Oakland, so if you want to know which player boasted the highest KDA ratio or what the peak CCU across all Twitch streams (CS:GO + League of Legends combined) was, then we have got you covered! Scroll through the following graphic to revisit IEM Oakland.



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