IEM San Jose Pick’em Challenge

In anticipation for IEM San Jose, we have partnered with Kinguin and paysafecard for a Pick’em Challenge for the North American event, which kicks off on Saturday. Join now and win amazing prizes!

Excited about IEM San Jose? So are we! In anticipation for the event, where our CS:GO will be in attendance, we have joined forces with Kinguin and paysafecard, two of our partners, for a Pick’em Challenge where you can win amazing prizes! All that you need to do is simply answer the following questions:

  • Who will be the top fragger of the event?
  • Who will be the best pistol player of the event?
  • Which G2.Kinguin player will pick up the most headshots?

Join the Pick’em Challenge for IEM San Jose and win great prizes!

Each question has its own prizes, with the winner picked at random from those who answer correctly. These are the prizes on offer:

  • Prize #1: Three skins + €10 paysafecard
  • Prize #2: Two skins + €10 paysafecard
  • Prize #3: One skin + €10 paysafecard

To try your luck, simply follow the steps below. The winners will be announced on Monday, November 23rd, by Kinguin. 

G2esport and Kinguin Giveaway!

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