InnerFlame joins Gamers2 as League of Legends team manager

Gamers2 is pleased to announce that it has hired Joe “InnerFlame” Elouassi to manage its League of Legends team during the Challenger Series Summer split.

Gamers2 is pleased to announce the signing of Joe “InnerFlame” Elouassi to aid its League of Legends team during the Challenger Series Summer season in their bid to qualify for LCS. Elouassi began his career in late 2011, working with Since then he has progressed onto the likes of Sinners never Sleep and SK Prime. Most recently, he managed SK Gaming’s primary team, which claimed an impressive 15-3 record in the regular LCS season before eventually finishing fourth in the playoffs.

We could not be happier to have secured the services of such a talented person as we strongly believe that he will help our team prepare for what will surely be a tough Challenger Series season.


InnerFlame (on the right) during his tenure as SK Gaming coach (Photo by

Carlos “ocelote” Rodríguez Santiago, Gamers2’s founder and CEO, gave the following statement about Elouassi’s arrival:

“As most of you already know, G2 was rebranded not so long ago. New logo, wonderful new website, new teams and staff on board… The reason for this was clear: we no longer wanted to be a standard club, but instead one that looks for constant improvement in order to thrive. We have failed to have a proper competitive team for a year and a half already.  This is by no means acceptable for a club that is willing to do what it takes to be on top of the world. When we learned that Joe had left SK Gaming, it was obvious that we needed to move quickly, especially knowing that he would have LCS offers on the table. He is a formidable leader, with a strong personality and well regarded by the community. We are extremely happy that he leaned towards us. I am positive he will make G2’s fans very happy over the course of the next years.”

Elouassi commented on this new challenge in his career saying:

“I am tremendously happy to announce that I will be a part of the Gamers2 family. Seeing the professionalism and great work ethic within the organisation was a big swoon in what helped me make my decision. Carlos and the crew have welcomed me with open arms, and I am really excited about my new job.  I will do my absolute best to make this team perform at the highest level!”

In the coming days, we will make an announcement about our lineup for the upcoming Challenger Series. But we would like to stress that both the management and the players will do their utmost throughout the season to secure a spot in LCS, which is where we want to be.

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