innocent: “It is possible to reach top 10 this year”

With two offline CS:GO events, Gfinity Spring Masters and Copenhagen Games, looming, we sat down with Paweł “innocent” Mocek, now that the team’s bootcamp in Krakow has come to an end.

With two offline CS:GO events, Gfinity Spring Masters and Copenhagen Games, looming, we sat down with captain Paweł “innocent” Mocek, now that the team’s bootcamp in Krakow has come to an end.

Next week, our team will travel to London for the Gfinity event, which will have $50,000 up for grabs. With teams like Ninjas in Pyjamas, EnVyUs and our Polish rivals in attendance, we will simply have to bring our A game to give a good account of ourselves on British soil.

Read on to find out how the team’s preparations for Gfinity Masters are going.

Now that the bootcamp is coming to an end, how do you think that it went? Was it useful to cut out  the mistakes made?

I am sure the bootcamp will improve our game a lot, especially our T side. We worked hard to cut out stupid mistakes in our game, and I think we all know what was wrong and I want to see play in a new way.

You had a great winning run in ESEA, beating teams like and Titan, but recent results have been mixed. What seems to be causing this lack of consistency?

We were winning against the biggest teams out there because we had this unique and unpredictable game style, I think. I would like to think that the reason for these mixed results is this style. We were doing practically the same things every game and that is why we decided to bootcamp, to change things and become a really tough team to face, especially before Gfinity and CPH Games.

What do you think that went wrong in the ESL One qualifier? How did the team react?

Four days before the qualifier, we decided to let SZPERO lead us ingame. It was a big mistake, not because he did a bad job, but because we were playing in a way that was different from the one we had practiced. We were extremely sad and mad, but it is not the end of the world and we will attend other big tournaments, even though ESL One Katowice was the most important event of the year for us.

You have Gfinity Spring Masters coming up. How are you preparing for this event?

We have changed our approach to the game and we are trying to work more as a team. I hope we can bring this style to official matches, too, not just practice games.

In GO:CL, the team got off to a great start and currently has a 3-2 record. Are you confident you will be able to finish in the top six and qualify for the playoffs?

We started this season pretty well but still lost two matches on mirage, which is probably our best map. Maybe we are tired because of this long bootcamp, but we are confident that we will be in the playoffs, and our goal is to finish in the top three in the first stage.

Last week, you had a meet and greet session with fans. Were you surprised to see that many fans turn up to meet you? What did you think about the event?

It was pretty surprising, indeed. We expected to see just a few guys at our bootcamp place. I do not even know how many were here, but I am sure it was more than a hundred! It was a great event and we will do this more often, for sure. Our fans are amazing!

You seem to be going through a good moment, with many amazing individual actions. Do you feel you are hitting top form?

I have been playing really well recently, but I am still not close to my peak. I showed some really good CS at the ESL One Katowice qualifier, but it was not enough to carry us to the major. If we had qualified because of my good performances, then I would be thinking I had reached top form.

Questions from fans:

Do you think you can reach top 10 with Gamers2 this year?

It is possible, yes. I think that only EnVyUs, fnatic,, NiP and TSM are a safe bet for the top five, the rest of the teams can easily beat each other.

Is the team playing at its best or do you think there is still margin for improvement?

Right now, we are not playing so well. I miss our level from late 2014/early 2015, and I think in a few weeks we will be even better than during this period I mentioned.

Do you see a generation of young and promising players in Poland?

We have some good players in Poland, but they are not yet good enough to compete on a top level because they lack experience. The exception is MICHU, of course, he is for sure the best youngster in Poland.

How do you train your aim on a daily basis?

I just play on aim maps. I do not like classic deathmatch or pugs, I feel that playing on aim maps gives me a lot more than any other form of individual practice.

How did you make your way up to a professional level? What kind of advices would you give to young players?

I just played a lot and always tried to executive everything I  learned and tried to move to better teams. In CS:GO it is a bit harder to reach that level but still doable. All you need to do is play a lot. If you are good enough you will shine someday.

What is your favourite weapon? And your favourite film?

The M4A1-S, forever! About my favourite film, I do not know, something about World War II, I guess.

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