innocent: “We are not afraid of Titan”

We caught up with Gamers2’s CS:GO team captain, Paweł “innocent” Mocek, and discussed with him the upcoming offline qualifier for ESL One Cologne.

Gamers2’s CS:GO team has already arrived in the beautiful city of Cologne for this weekend’s offline qualifier for ESL One Cologne, the next Valve-sponsored $250,000 tournament. Sixteen teams from across Europe will compete in this qualifier, which will reward the top four sides with spots at the major.

Before the players boarded a plane to Germany, we caught up with Paweł “innocent” Mocek and picked his brain on the team’s week-long bootcamp at BuddaPlay, the recent addition of former world champion Mariusz “Loord” Cybulski as coach and the upcoming qualifier. Find out below what our team captain feels about Titan, the first opponent in Cologne!

You spent the last week  bootcamping at Buddaplay. How do you think that practice went? What aspects of the team’s game were most focused on?

We used the entire week to practice hard. For the first time, we did not even think about taking breaks or going out at night. We woke up early and practised about 12 hours per day. We mostly focused on our T side and on improving our communication as CT.

Prior to the bootcamp, the team acquired Loord as a coach, whom you had already played with before. Is he still making you a better player? How has the team grown under his watch?

I believe we are much more focused, now that we are playing with Loord as a coach. We still see him as a legend and a great player with an amazing brain. We put our trust in him and we never argued with him; whatever he says we accept it. We have learned how to play more patiently and how to communicate and executive everything with perfect timing instead of doing random plays that had a random outcome.


Loord’s arrival has really helped the team, argues innocent

Do you feel ready, going into the event? What are the team’s goals?

We feel ready. We are all in our best shape, and if we can play patiently under pressure we will be unstoppable – we want to qualify for the major without losing any game.

You will face the new Titan roster in the first round. This is a brand new team, with two new players. How do you prepare for a match like this?  Do you think it is possible to beat them?

We have never had that many problems against Titan. We have always played against them on equal terms and we have never been afraid of them. Now, they are without their two star players. It is possible to beat them, we are not afraid at all.

What do you think about the other teams in the group?

I think HellRaisers will be a strong opponent. There are some teams who can cause an upset or two, but we are very confident right now, we will respect every opponent and we will not underestimate anyone. But we will not be afraid, not this time.

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