innocent: “We are prepared to go far at StarSeries”

We caught up with Gamers2’s CS:GO team captain Paweł “innocent” Mocek to know how the team prepared for the StarSeries XIII finals and what their expectations for this tournament are.

Gamers2’s CS:GO players are currently on their way to Kiev, where they will be competing at the StarSeries XIII offline finals. The top six teams from the online portion of this league, one of the most prestigious in Europe, will face one another over the weekend for their cut of the $50,000 prize pool.

Shortly before the players left for Ukraine, we caught up with Paweł “innocent” Mocek to know how the team prepared for this tournament and what their expectations are. Read on to find out what the captain had to say about the exciting event ahead:

You are about to travel to Kiev to attend the StarSeries finals. What are your expectations, going into this event?

We are looking forward to playing an amazing tournament as Starladder always puts together some of the best events in the world. We expect a lot of fans inside the Kiev Cybersport Arena and some really hard and entertaining games. We have always wanted to attend the LAN Finals of a StarSeries season, so we are really excited and we cannot wait for them to start.

You have been playing a lot of official matches recently. How did you prepare for this event?

We did not have a lot of time to prepare for this particular event because we qualified for it just one week ago. Right now, it is really hard to prepare for a specific tournament due to the teams’ busy schedule because of all the leagues going on. But we are not the only ones facing this issue, so we will all play under the same conditions. We came up with a lot of new things in the last few days and hopefully we will be able to show them during our matches.

What is a realistic goal, then?

It seems like our team is prepared to go far in this tournament. I am not surprised that we have been going through a bit of a slump as we really play a lot of matches without having any time to rest. I believe that, since we will not play any games on Thursday, the team will be fresh on Friday and ready for action!

Who will be your toughest opponents in Kiev?

Na`Vi and EnVyUs, for sure. The Ukrainians will be playing on home soil and they always perform really well on LAN, while EnVyUs will try to defend their SLTV titles. Anyway, there will be no weak teams and we have to respect every opponent and be 100 per cent focused on every match. It is possible to reach the playoffs, which is our main goal for this event. Obviously we want to win the title, but that seems like a much harder task than just making it to the playoffs. If we make it out of the groups, we will be really happy.

Keep track of Gamers2’s match schedule during the StarSeries group stage by scrolling through the following infographic:


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