Interview with COD team before Gfinity Masters

Check out our collective interview with Gamers2’s Call of Duty team ahead of Gfinity Masters, which kicks off today.

We are just a few hours away from the start of Gfinity Spring Masters, where 16 of the world’s finest teams will fight it out for their share of the $25,000 prize pool on offer. Gamers2 will be right at the centre of the action once again, albeit not with its full roster, as Toni “Tojor” Jorda will be replaced by Fran “PeLuka” Rubio for this event due to our player’s academic commitments.

Before the team boarded a plane to London, we had the chance to sit down with them to know their expectations for the event. Read on to find out how they prepared for this tournament and what they think about their group opponents and the current state of the COD scene.

You will be attending the event with a stand-in, PeLuka. How have you prepared for the tournament, given the circumstances?

MethodZ: We had a short timeframe to prepare for this tournament, so we are not as prepared as I would like, but we gave our all this week and played hours after hours. We prepared tactics for the different game modes we will have to play, but we will rely a lot on our individual skill. I am sure that we will give people reasons to talk about us.

What made the team pick PeLuka as the substitute for the event in London? What do you think that he brings to the table?

MethodZ: We picked PeLuKa because his performances in national tournaments have been amazing. He has shown that he is among the best in Spain, both individually and collectively, he is eager to show at this event what he is capable of, so we decided to pick him. He has the necessary drive, motivation and, especially, commitment.

What are your expectations going into the event? Do you think it will be possible to get out of the group stage?

Lgend: It will be very hard to pass the group stage but nothing is impossible. We will face the strongest team in the world (OpTic), Strictly Business, one of the best teams in North America, and then Epsilon, who will be playing with Remy and Facento, two players who finished second at the COD Championship. It will be hard but we will give it a go.


Gamers2′ COD team at SocialNAT, together with ocelote

What is your opinion about the teams you will be facing in the group stage?

PeLuKa: I think we got the group of death. OpTic are the best team in the world, then we have sB, led by Phizurp, and Epsilon,a mix team with two American players. It will be very hard but we will give our all!

Last weekend, you finished third/fourth at GGCUP. What went wrong?

Lgend: We made a lot of mistakes, which we hope to fix when the four of us are together again and in time for WYP’s offline event. We have a lot of work ahead of us when we return from London.

There are several national and international tournaments going on, and a professional European league will soon be announced. Are you excited with all this activity in the COD scene?

JK7: Yes, I am very excited, and I think the COD scene will grow a lot, especially in Europe. Gfinity’s project is really big, and we also have a lot of leagues going on in Spain, which is good.

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